Covid Guidelines for in person Attendance

Guidelines for those attending in person worship.

  1. Worship in the sanctuary only- no small groups will meet at the church yet
  2. You must wear a mask inside the sanctuary. Please bring your own but we will have a few on hand if you forgot yours or don’t have one.
  3. Only the main entrance to the sanctuary will be open but those needing to use the ramp may certainly do so.
  4. No choir
  5. Every other pew will be open but family units must still distance themselves 6 feet apart from others
  6. No one but staff is allowed on any part of the raised platform.
  7. The service will begin at 11am and will be no longer than 45 minutes.
  8. Restrooms are for “emergencies” only and only the main restroom will be open. All other areas of the church will be closed.

Again, some will feel these guideline are too weak while others will feel they are too stringent. The health and safety of everyone is of upmost importance but at least for now, it is time to begin the process of gathering together in our sanctuary. We will reevaluate each week and proceed accordingly.

  May 2021  
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